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Fraiture is God [entries|friends|calendar]
Niko Loves Fleece

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NEVAIR! [23 Nov 2004|07:49pm]


Fraiture is deformed presidental love.

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A message from da prez [05 Aug 2004|07:38pm]

"'Ello all of my trusty loyal followers. I 'ave chosen my new campaign slogan beecuzz zee olde one seemed to not bee working. Eet is now 'Viva Russia'. 'Opefullee zee Americanz weel like eet. I know dat I do!"

End message.
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[22 May 2004|02:59pm]

it's good to know that our future president is good at rounding home plate.
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HE EEZ DOWN WIT EET [03 May 2004|09:23pm]


it looks as if Fraiture is trying to fit in with the younger generation. hopefully this will get him more votes.

john kerry is shaking in his boots.
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Hokay, I 'ave da picture [23 Apr 2004|07:51pm]


A new campaign banner made by yours truly.

I recently met Fraiture when he was performing with his side gig, (I think they're called The Stokes or something) in Vancouver. I showed him the banner and he said "Oh dat eez so cool. Now I weel 'ave le sex weeth yoo." It was a very good night indeed. And it didn't even bother me that his accent changed several times while we were talking.

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[10 Mar 2004|10:34pm]

This place is dying. And we've got competition.

Except of course we're cooler.
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deepest apologies... [17 Feb 2004|02:51pm]

[ mood | determined ]

my deepest apologies. for posting something that wasn’t, dare i say, at all relevant. it has been deleted. what is needed for this campaign is not a humorous nikolai page. we need hard work, blood, sweat, and tears!

that being said and done...

a political rally, involving our very own fraiture giving a speech, is being organized for March 4th. he announced this at a recent press conference. when asked by a nosy reporter if his speech was prepared, he glared and said, in an irritated voice, “oof course.”

so, wear your fraiture shirts and pins, carry your posters, and be ready for a good speech! this is sure to be the night that he wins over the majority. what's his name, that other man who is running, will eat nikolai’s dust as he takes the lead, before this night is through.

and, i did see the presidency commerical. it brought tears to my eyes, to say the least.

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Niko tours the country [09 Feb 2004|01:56pm]

I have recently seen Fraiture in a quick jaunt to Vancouver. His speech was compelling and, although I was already going to vote for him, it made it even more likely that more and more american citizens will do the same. I think the odds are really quit high. He said in his speech "I beeleeve dat da country needs verk", then, with a sigh "and I does not know vat to do. Reelly, I 'ave no governemental plan, and all uv da aidez are my friends. Reelly, I 'ave no traineeng and can barelee speak eengleesh. I ave not even american citizenship. Truthfullee, I am onlee runneeng in dis so dat I can one day bee da Russian dictator. Stalin is my 'ero". And the speech went on and on and all I could do was listen intently to his beautiful mangled version of the english language. His words moved me to make his campaign bigger and better than before, if that's even possible. I have just finished filming a television commercial for his presidency and hope to Stalin that someone sees it. That is all my children.
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salut mes amies [12 Jan 2004|08:37pm]

the community is dying.

so, everybody say something nice about Fraitrue, to get us in the mood.

Molly: I admire his side part.
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happy coming out! [03 Jan 2004|09:18am]

since, we at fraiture4prez can no longer hide that fact that he is, indeed, gay, or "fucking gay", if you will, we have decided to throw it a coming out party.

it's official kids: he is gay and proud!

please, give him your best on this special day.
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[02 Jan 2004|05:04pm]

[ mood | your mother. ]

just reading through some of the old comments, esp. the ones in response to kicking out i_am_a_robot.

funny stuff.

i didn't think it was possible for people to be stupid enough to take certain (obviously joking) things seriously.

and don't we have a right to ban people if we want to? fuck. do these people have nothing better to do than come and tell us how sad/pathetic we are? i guess.

p.s. - am i wrong to think that someone with a britney spears icon shouldn't be in here anyway?

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Vote Fraiture! [29 Dec 2003|01:21pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

I've made a banner for The New Dictatorship, only I don't know how to post pictures, so here is the link:


Remember the slogan!

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ze world eez heez [28 Dec 2003|09:05pm]

fraiture's first step for world domination is we are going to start a new political party called The New Dictatorship.

i, for one, am a fraiture loyalist and will fight 'til the death for country and my dictator.

if everyone bands together we shall be overthrowing the president in no time.

diktaterz 4 lyfe.
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Campaign [24 Dec 2003|03:48pm]

I have made a total of 3 different designs for campaign posters and signs, and I have copied them, all in all there are 3,000 posters. I have signs on my lawn, and I don't even live in America. I have contacted the local bus station and they have agreed to start putting my designs on their buses, so they will be displayed all around town. No news back from Ryan yet, perhaps if we all e-mail him Fraiture will consider running. We all know he wants to, after all, he did send a message to miss_mandy.
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A message from the leader [24 Dec 2003|02:20pm]

[ mood | scared ]

Hey guys, I just got this highly confidential e-mail sent to be by Fraiture himself and I thought I'd share it with you.

Message From Da Prez

Heed his words!

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Sorry, well not really.... [23 Dec 2003|11:37pm]

In recent news of absolutely fucking retarded rules made at The Strokes community, including mispelling of the word "grammar" and something about icons with Nikolai having to say "Alicia (i_am_a_robot) loves him", and the overall complete shittieness of The Strokes community that brings shame to all Strokes fans, I have decided to kick i_am_a_robot out of this community.
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woo hoo [23 Dec 2003|05:26pm]

umm, i just want to let everyone know that i bought Fraiture on e-bay.

therefore, i own him. it's, like, official.

my apologies go out to all the poor sods that want him.

but, let's not get sidetracked, the election is coming up. are people making campaign posters?

also, i'm thinking of re-recording NYC [you know, the one by interpol] so all us angels can sing Fraiture cares, good idea?
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hello [21 Dec 2003|05:53pm]

last night i had a vision. in this vision fraiture came to me, he was naked, and he said "i am proud that this communtiy started because i have never really liked playing the bass. my dream has always been to rule the country. and, together, my sweet, we shall rule the world."

interpret as you will.
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[20 Dec 2003|03:50pm]
[ mood | confused ]

wuddup i'm the first lady word.

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WE must COMMENCE [18 Dec 2003|05:15pm]

Ok so not that many people are signing up for this upcoming election, so I figured that if Fraiture was prez then he'd most likely want the members of the strokes to be with him. I have nominated them all for postions and they are as follows:
Fab - Foreign affairs
Albert - Department of PLAYAZZ
Nick - Secretary of Urban developement
Julian - First Lady

There you have it. Of course, being the President, Fraiture will have to make a new seat in the house of commons (If they even have one in the states) for the "Department of PLAYAZZ" but I'm sure that it won't be too much hassle.
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