you're not happy but you're funny (shesbad) wrote in fraiture4prez,
you're not happy but you're funny

Niko tours the country

I have recently seen Fraiture in a quick jaunt to Vancouver. His speech was compelling and, although I was already going to vote for him, it made it even more likely that more and more american citizens will do the same. I think the odds are really quit high. He said in his speech "I beeleeve dat da country needs verk", then, with a sigh "and I does not know vat to do. Reelly, I 'ave no governemental plan, and all uv da aidez are my friends. Reelly, I 'ave no traineeng and can barelee speak eengleesh. I ave not even american citizenship. Truthfullee, I am onlee runneeng in dis so dat I can one day bee da Russian dictator. Stalin is my 'ero". And the speech went on and on and all I could do was listen intently to his beautiful mangled version of the english language. His words moved me to make his campaign bigger and better than before, if that's even possible. I have just finished filming a television commercial for his presidency and hope to Stalin that someone sees it. That is all my children.
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