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deepest apologies...

my deepest apologies. for posting something that wasn’t, dare i say, at all relevant. it has been deleted. what is needed for this campaign is not a humorous nikolai page. we need hard work, blood, sweat, and tears!

that being said and done...

a political rally, involving our very own fraiture giving a speech, is being organized for March 4th. he announced this at a recent press conference. when asked by a nosy reporter if his speech was prepared, he glared and said, in an irritated voice, “oof course.”

so, wear your fraiture shirts and pins, carry your posters, and be ready for a good speech! this is sure to be the night that he wins over the majority. what's his name, that other man who is running, will eat nikolai’s dust as he takes the lead, before this night is through.

and, i did see the presidency commerical. it brought tears to my eyes, to say the least.
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I will be there, standing by his side, heiling him.
oh, as will i.